“It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that every drafts folder is in possession of a fucking great idea.”

Welcome to R.I.P, a tribute to all the great ideas the world doesn't get to see

Creativity is rarely a single a-ha moment. It’s a journey, a marathon – chafing and all. It’s an unexpected shower thought, a bolt of inspiration, every Buzzfeed quiz you click through in dire procrastination (my Succession character is Tom, thanks for asking.) It’s every up, every down, every “almost there.” Every scribble, every scrap and every cup of tea.

But creativity is also drafts, revisions, edits and tweaks. It’s feedback and compromise and polishing into (often unrecognisable) shape.

But what happens to that original spark?

I believe this work – the first draft, the V1, the concept A – is some of our most interesting stuff. It’s raw material, untouched optimism fresh from the “no bad ideas" oven. But the world rarely gets to see it.

Until now.

Rest in Progress is a tribute to every great idea the world didn’t get to see. Maybe the brief was changed, the funding got cut, the client didn’t agree with your (frankly brilliant) route – or, quite simply, you lost momentum. Each newsletter I’ll speak to a different creative mind about a piece of work they’re really, really proud of, that never saw the light of day.

So here’s to the ideas we never get to share, whether they’re thrown out, glossed over, or left on the cutting room floor – it’s your time to shine.

Welcome to RIP, a monthly newsletter by me, Robyn Collinge – copywriter, creative and recent divorcee of the oxford comma.

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